After Your Test

Once you have taken your sample you should send it back to our laboratory for testing if you have purchased any PCR test. The process is fast and accurate and our laboratories are registered with UKAS, so you can be assured that our testing will meet the stringent standards set by the government for Covid-19 antigen testing.

Your sample will be processed within 24 hours of receipt at the lab.

Your Results

Negative Result

For all PCR tests you will receive an email if your result is negative. If you have booked the PCR Fit to Fly test as opposed to a PCR Test to Release you will also receive a certificate that will allow you to board your flight or reduce your quarantine. You will also receive a certificate for Day 2 or Day 2 & 8 tests.

If you have booked the PCR Test to Release then we will inform you of the steps you need to take that will allow you to release yourself from quarantine.

Positive Result

If your test is positive then we will provide you with separate instructions on what you must do. We are also required to provide your details to the NHS Test and Trace Service.

All results irrespective of their outcome will mean that your details are passed to Public Health England as required in the ongoing effort to monitor National testing programs.