Frequently Asked Questions

With all of our tests you will need to Book Online and pay. You can book a test the same day or book in advance. You will receive a confirmation email (containing your Passenger Locator Number) and a receipt.

You have the option at booking to collect from our partner laboratory in Cambridge. If you select courier, for Nationwide delivery, for all PCR tests we will then send out a courier (DPD) who will deliver your swab. You should then activate your kit and return this using the instructions provided to our laboratory for testing. You will receive the results within 24Hrs of receipt at the lab. For the Fit to Fly you and Test to Release you will receive a certificate confirming your result which you will either need to take with you to the airport or which will allow you to end your quarantine.

If returning from Green countries you will need to conduct a Day 2 test and if returning from Amber countries you will need to conduct a Day 2 and 8 test, unless fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine in the UK, EU, US or EFTA and have had your last dose 14 days before departure to the UK, you can take a Fully Vaccinated Day 2 Amber Test Only. Test to Release (Day 5) is optional for Amber Countries and can allow you to reduce your 10 Day quarantine. You should book this separately from your Day 2 and 8 test to ensure delivery on the correct day.

You need to read the section Before Your Test in advance of your appointment to make sure you have everything you need.

For green countries you need to take a Day 2 PCR test when you arrive back from your destination country. You will still need to take a PCR test before you fly out (PCR Fit to Fly) and will still need to take a departure test in your destination country before you travel back.

Amber Countries:
For Amber countries you need to take Day 2 & 8 PCR tests when you arrive back from your destination country. You will still need to take a PCR test before you fly out (PCR Fit to Fly) and will still need to take a departure test in your destination country before you travel back.

If you have had both vaccines on the NHS in the UK or one approved by the EMA in the EU, the FDA in the US, the EMA in the EFTA or Swissmedic in Switzerland then you can have a Fully Vaccinated Day 2 Only test. You should go to the panel Fully Vaccinated Amber Arrivals and click "Book Now £55" then go to the order form and at the second page, select test type, select "International Travel Day2 Fully Vaccinated (NHS, EU Member States and US)"

You also still have the option of taking a Day 5 PCR test (Test to Release) when you are home to release yourself from your quarantine early.

We offer a full range of PCR Home Tests and now also site testing. This includes the PCR Test Only, PCR Fit to Fly and PCR Test to Release and Day 2 and 8 Tests for Green and Amber countries. These all offer you the ability to obtain a gold standard antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 in the comfort of your own home with professional laboratory testing. Alternatively you can use our site for unsupervised self-swabs. We plan to offer Lateral Flow and Antibody Home Testing soon so check back for updates.

To book your test simply go to Book Online where you can select the type of PCR test you require, choose a delivery time and day that suits you and book for multiple people at once. You will receive a confirmation email (with Passenger Locator Number) and receipt. For site testing click on the links on the home page for Amber countries or green countries.

The tests cost £55 for a PCR Test Only, £55 for a PCR Fit to Fly, £55 for a PCR Test to Release, £55 for a Fully Vaccinated Day 2 Test Only and £98 for a Day 2 & 8 Test. These all include laboratory analysis and free home delivery. The PCR Fit to Fly also includes a Fit to Fly certificate, whereas the PCR Test to Release includes a Test to Release Certificate. For unsupervised site testing it costs £20 for a Day 2 test and £20 for a Day 2 and 8 test.

After you book your test a courier will be sent out to you according to the delivery day you selected (for Fit to Fly) and on your day 1 for Day 2 and Day 2 & 8 tests. They will then provide you with the swab kit. You should self-swab using the instructions provided before sending back the the swab to our laboratory for analysis. For site testing you will be sent details on what to do when you arrive.

A PCR test amplifies the viral RNA, specifically the viral N gene of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction and is used by the NHS as the gold standard of antigen detection to determine active infection and therefore cases of Covid-19 disease

Yes. When you buy a PCR Fit to Fly Home Test you will receive a Fit to Fly certificate, which, if you test negative can be presented to your airline and which will permit you to fly. You should still check the specific requirements of your airline and the country to which you are travelling. ​

You should also make sure you order your test in the specific time window that is allowed by the receiving country and your airline to make sure that it is accepted. Please note our tests can take up to 24 hours to get the results.

Yes. The test to release scheme is only applicable to non red list countries. If you enter from a non red list country then you may shorten your 10 day quarantine by taking an optional PCR test on day 5 of your quarantine. This will allow you to release yourself from quarantine after 5 days if the result is negative.

You must still, however, conduct your day 2 and day 8 government PCR test whether or not you are able to release from quarantine by taking your optional private test on day 5.

Yes. Our tests amplify regions of the Viral RNA that are highly conserved and as such are less mutable. Therefore the detection process tests for sequence common to the conventional SARS-CoV-2 virus and new strains.

We have submitted our application for UKAS registration for ISO standard 15189.

We also comply with submitting all of our results to Public Health England.

We now deliver Nationwide. This is to mainland UK and excludes Ireland. We use DPD Next Day, which provides you with real time tracking information, so that you can be sure your PCR Test is being delivered on time.

In order to get your test Next Day please make sure you book by 12pm the day before you intend to receive your PCR Test.

You can cancel your test at any time. However, you will not be entitled to a refund if you cancel within 48 hours of having booked your test or within 48 hours of your selected test day. This is due to the costs incurred throughout our supply chain.

Yes. You can book for any number of people. You will have to provide a delivery address and the details of each patient requiring a test. If you intend to book for a group of more than 5, please contact us so that we can arrange for multiple tests to be sent out. You can also receive a 5% discount on more than 5 tests.

Yes. We can organise corporate and occupational testing for your business. Please contact us and we can arrange to deliver tests to your workplace that will allow you to test your employees at once and get fast turnaround times, so that you can have peace of mind that your workplace is covered.

If you test positive you should self quarantine along with the government guidelines and we will report your results to NHS Test and Trace along with Public Health England.